Never fear a background check again

Clean Your Background

Use and our attorney to clean your record now.

Choose an Attorney with over 15 years of experience to clean your criminal record.  You can't change the past but you can make your future better by expunging that prior felony, misdemeanor, or infraction impacting your prospects.

Expunging that old criminal conviction can:

  • Get the job of your dreams; improve your income
  • Qualify for better housing in a better neighborhood
  • Never fear a background check again
  • Obtain a professional license or certificate

Choose an Attorney to Clean Up Your Criminal Record

Choose an Attorney For Clean Up Your Criminal Record

What Charges Can Be Cleared from My Criminal Record?

Majority of crimes and charges can be cleaned from your record through Expungement. To Qualify for Expungement to clean your record, the following conditions should be met:

  • Crime committed was a felony or misdemeanor and you were sentenced to probation.
  • You fulfilled terms of probation
  • Completed all terms of probation
  • Attended court appearances
  • Did not commit crimes while on probation
  • You were not convicted of certain specified crimes
  • Call an attorney to review the crime

You can't change the past but you can make your future better

You can't change the past but you can make your future better

Do I need to Hire a Lawyer if I Want to Clear My Record?

An attorney will make the process of clearing your record through Expungement easy and fast. An attorney will do the following:

  • Be sure the charges qualify for expungement
  • Find and Draft the right paperwork
  • File the paperwork with the Court
  • Be sure the District Attorney is properly served
  • Appear in Court for the court hearing


Highly recommend Mr. Kolacia

Mr. Kolacia did an exceptional job at representing us. It was pure professionalism from the start. The communication was bar none. Mr. Kolacia answered all of our questions without hesitation and made us feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. We were thrilled to hear of our outcome and had no doubt that Mr. Kolacia would do what he said that he would do. I highly recommend Mr. Kolacia if you are looking for legal consulting or need legal assistance.

- Troy

Great Attorney

Knowledgeable and caring. Dan helped me through a process with the Army Corps of Engineers, his knowledge of the law and ability to connect the dots was fantastic.

- David

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